Steph Locke

Technologist with a track record of delivering transformation of businesses with AI

Data Scientist, Author turned Entrepreneur, Steph Locke is passionate about helping business use their data more effectively through AI. She believes the adoption of low/no-code tools are helping many more businesses digitally transform and investing in the right tooling is a much bigger performance enabler than many businesses think. Locke runs Nightingale HQ and is focused on helping manufacturers to automate repetitive processes across their operations. Their platform offers AI-powered tools that are easy to deploy and support manufacturers to do more with less, so employees don’t need as much time per task. It’s a low-risk way to increase productivity and employees tend to support it. Steph is a contributor on the Focus Group Artificial Intelligence (AI) run by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, and she sits on several industry steering groups and boards. She is also one of 4 people in the world to be recognised by Microsoft as a MVPs (Most Valued Professional) in both Data Platform and Artificial Intelligence.

Past sessions:

A bit of AI - Episode 2

A bit of AI - Episode 2

What is it like to work in the field of AI? How do you get started with AI?...

Steph Locke Steph Locke